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Inspired by nature, Farmina blends the finest raw, natural ingredients with advanced scientific research and techniques to craft a perfect harmony of nature and science. This results in a rich, natural, palatable, and beneficial kibble for your pet.


Farmina N&D Quinoa Functional Canine Dog Food - Weight Management Lamb Recipe uses natural proteins and ingredients that help your dog lose and maintain a healthy weight. Using 94% fresh grass-fed lamb with fresh broccoli, asparagus and quinoa, all rich in essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B6, G Thiamin and more. These ingredients are also rich in fibre, and low in fat and calories which will help your dog reach an ideal healthy weight.


  • Limited ingredient formula
  • Helps lose and maintain healthy weight
  • Uses 94% protein - grass-fed lamb
  • Rich in fresh broccoli, asparagus and quinoa
  • Grain, gluten and GMO-free with no artificial preservatives
  • Packed in a protective atmosphere
  • Suitable for adult dog breeds
  • Available in 2.5 kg and 7 kg bags
  • Made in Italy

Farmina N&D Quinoa Functional Canine Adult - Weight Management Lamb


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