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The Calming, Comforting Bed

Stuff this bed with your old pillows, blankets, etc. and it will have your dog's favorite scent — you! Your dog is calmed and comforted by your scent, as a result this is the dog bed dogs love.

  • non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals
  • our 100% cotton canvas covers are durable, washable, and preshrunk
  • even donated clothes & blankets still end up in the landfill—give them a 2nd life as a dog bedns
  • this bed will smell like you, which can help calm and comfort your pup when you're not around
  • get an extra cover so you can wash the bed whenever you like



Small - 22 x 26 x 5" (recommended weight is 15-30 lbs)

Medium/Large - 27 x 36 x 5" (recommended weight is 30-70 lbs)

Huge - 36 x 45 x 5" (recommended weight is 70-120+ lbs)

Round - 36 x 5" round (recommended weight is 40-70 lbs)


Molly Mutt Duvet Your Song


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