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Immerse your canine companion in the SPIN Accessory Blossom Snuffle Mat – a perfect blend of fun and functionality. Designed to stimulate your dog’s natural foraging instincts, this snuffle mat not only serves as an entertaining hide-and-seek treat game but also doubles as a slow feeder to promote healthy eating habits


  • Interactive Dual-Function Design: Engage your dog's natural foraging instincts with the SPIN Blossom Snuffle Mat, which doubles as a slow feeder to extend mealtime fun and aid digestion.
  • Enhanced Mental Stimulation: This 2-pack mat duo provides ample mental stimulation, keeping dogs entertained and mentally sharp, reducing boredom and destructive behavior.
  • Durable and Machine Washable: Made from high-quality, resilient felt material, these mats withstand enthusiastic use and are easily cleaned in the washing machine for hygienic, repeated use.
  • Safety-Focused Construction: Equipped with a non-slip base and made from non-toxic materials, the mats meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring a safe play and dining environment for your pet.
  • Convenient 2-Pack for Continuous Use: With two mats included, there's always one available for your dog to enjoy while the other is being cleaned, ensuring uninterrupted enrichment and feeding.

Pet Dream House Pink Blossom Snuffle Mat 2 pack

C$39.99 Regular Price
C$20.00Sale Price

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