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This Pet Intolerance Test, formerly known as the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan, offers a comprehensive wellness roadmap for your dog. Unlike traditional dog allergy testing kits, this scan utilizes Biofeedback Technology using hair and saliva samples. These samples help measure the impact of over 300 food and environmental factors your pet has encountered. The aim is to identify and mitigate energetic imbalances that may contribute to allergic symptoms in dogs.


Many pet owners often inquire, "What can I give my dog for allergies?" and resort to dog allergy medications without understanding the root cause of their pet's symptoms. Natural remedies for dog allergies, such as dietary adjustments or environmental changes, are often overlooked.

While changing your pet's diet or avoiding specific environmental triggers is a good starting point, our services extend beyond. Each kit includes a complimentary phone consultation where a member of our team will discuss your pet's results, answers your queries, and collaborate with you to tailor a personalized plan with food and supplement recommendations to restore your pet's well-being.


For further information about this process or to discuss your pet's specific results, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Pet Nutrition Experts at CHOW Bella Pet Health Store.

Glacier Peak Pet Intolerance Test


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