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Choose a natural way to help deter fleas, ticks & mosquitos from our pets. These supplements have natural ingredients to help protect our pets from pests starting from the inside out.


Livstrong Nature's Shield may help with the prevention of fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, itchy skin relief, and a healthy immune system.

  • Fleas & ticks?
  • Mosquitoes?
  • Itchy skin?
  • Immune Support?

This supplement may be a natural flea, tick, and mosquito deterrent for pets. Prevention starts from the inside, and adding this supplement to your pet’s nutrition will protect them so they can safely enjoy spring, summer & fall outdoor activities!


Ingredients:  Organic Neem Leaf, Organic Quassia Bark, Organic Spirulina & Organic Garlic Powder

LivStrong Nature Shield 100 g


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