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Explore Our Shelves - Wet Dog Food

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Best Sellers

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Mo' Greens Cooked Dog Food

The key to our dogs’ health and well-being was simple: real food in their bowls. Not burnt brown and round balls of mystery meats and ingredients. Just real food. 
And most importantly – it’s seeing the effects with our own eyes. Dogs with more energy in the morning, and more importantly, calmer at night. Less anxious. Shinier coats and fresher breath, and healthier weights. Truly happier dogs. There’s no tricks. No secrets. Just real food.

Bixbi Wet Dog Food

It takes real food to provide real nutrition. At BIXBI, they’re honest with their ingredients and thoughtful with our approach. That’s why they use real ingredients like fresh chicken and never poultry substitutes like chicken meal. They prepare our food to retain more nutrition and flavour which leads to happy and healthy dogs.

Portland Pet Food Meals

Add variety and flavour to your dog’s diet with these shelf-stable, homestyle meals/meal toppers. With five varieties, these 100% natural, USA sourced and made, ready-to-eat homestyle dog meals can be used as a rotational meal, dog food toppings, kibble mixer or soft treat.  These meals are great for picky eaters and senior dogs too.

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