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Explore Our Shelves - Wet Cat Food

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Best Sellers

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Tiki Cat Baby Thrive

Give Kittens Their Best Start.

With increasing energy, developing digestive & immune systems, & growing bodies, kittens need nutrition designed just for them.

Acana Wet Cat Food

A tasty new food they will meow for! New Acana Premium Pâté is rich in raw animal ingredients to nourish your cat, plus delicious bone broth for added hydration and flavour your cat will crave.

Bixbi Canned Cat Food

Delicious, protein-rich recipes that cats thrive on. Choose from a variety of paté and shredded options or mix it up to offer your cat variety without compromising health. Thes wet food recipes are made sustainably sourced proteins, like cage-free chicken, wild-caught tuna and grass-fed beef. Each meal offers the perfect balance of the nutrients and moisture your cat needs.

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