Waste Management

The Original PoopBags

They proudly been Saving the Earth since 2003 - WITH YOUR HELP!  They're dedicated to serving your needs with our high-caliber customer service, providing the most award-winning dog waste bags on Earth, and playing a role in making the world a better place for the generations to come.  www.poopbags.com


The best soiled litter disposal system that eases litter maintenance. Lock in soiled litter odours and breathe again. Quick, clean, and easy to use. 


Bags on Board

They provide responsible pet parents with compact, refillable dispensers that attach to any type of leash and contain a roll of pick-up bags designed to easily dispose of your pet's waste. These products are convenient, stylish and always close at hand. www.bagsonboard.com

Messy Mutts

Mud, puddles (the bigger the better), more mud – these are just a few things our furry friends love. Chris and Lauren’s pooches Daisy and Davis are no different. Their favourite place is the great outdoors – unfortunately they like to bring it back inside with them too. And so, Messy Mutts was born: a new line of fashionable and functional dog care products. www.messymutts.ca