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Bocce's Treats

Bocce's starts with a simple recipe. Then they roast the meats and chop the veggies. Then they mix it up and bake it with love. Buh-bye bland biscuits and artificially flavored treats, hello Beef Bourguignon, Bac N' Nutty, and Birthday Cake!

Nammy Treats

Proudly made with love in Calgary, Alberta, all Nammy Treats are dehydrated low and slow for 24 hours and made without synthetic ingredients, food colouring or grains.

Norsh Pet Treats

At Norsh Petfood, they pride ourselves on their all-natural raw freeze-dried treats. With human grade meat & fish and with quick frozen fruit & vegetables going into our products, then undergoing a gentle freeze dried preservation method, your pets’ are getting a high-quality nutritious treat!