Single Ingredient Treats

Nammy Treats

They are a local pet treat company in Calgary, Alberta focusing on using biologically appropriate, human grade ingredients to produce dehydrated treats for your dogs and cats!


Biologically appropriate Orijen is uniquely different. Protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited and grain-free, ORIJEN features the highest fresh meat inclusions of any dry dog or cat food, at the same time excluding many conventional pet food ingredients — such as inappropriate high-glycemic cereal grains and vegetable proteins that are not present in the natural diet.

Crumps Naturals

Crumps’ Naturals products have built their reputation throughout the pet specialty marketplace as being products that are high quality, innovative, made with minimal ingredients, free from additives, colours and preservatives and sourced and manufactured in North America.

Puppy Love Pet Products


Puppy Love Pet Products are all natural, guaranteed 100% Canadian with no additives or preservatives. None of the products are imported and all are produced right here in Canada. Alberta made Puppy Love products include beef and bison, bones, chews and treats.

Open Farm


Open Farm makes healthy pet foods using the highest quality ingredients available, all from ethical sources. The ingredients go into their premium diets, are thoughtfully designed to help your pets thrive. Where your pet's food comes from shouldn't be a mystery. That's why they provide detailed information on every ingredient they use in their recipes.

The Honest Kitchen


The Honest Kitchen, makes dehydrated, human-grade all natural whole foods for dogs and cats. Their recipes are made with love, in a human food facility (not in a pet food plant) for the highest possible quality standards. Dehydration is a gentle technique that removes only the moisture and retains most natural nutrients found in fresh, raw, whole food ingredients.

Primal Pet Foods


Primal Pet Foods' 100% human-grade, raw-frozen pet foods and treats are produced in temperature-controlled, state-of-the-art, certified USDA and State Department of Agriculture food manufacturing facilities. The raw materials used in all Primal Pet Foods products are procured from farms, ranches and raw-food facilities that meet the highest standards in safety and sanitation. Primal Pet Foods products are produced in small batch runs to ensure freshness, safety and consistency.

Benny Bully's


Pet owners and in particular dog trainers, have discovered Benny Bullys® Dog Treats; as a nutritious, pure and natural alternative to traditional dog treats. They added real apple, banana, sweet potato, and pumpkin to the beef liver in their familiar Benny Bullys Liver Chops®, making Benny Bullys® Plus™ a delicious blend of nutritious and tasty pure natural ingredients.


Vital Essentials

Carefully made from single-sourced, whole animal protein without cooking or over processing. Sourced, made, and packaged in the USA. Crafted for your pet's natural, instinctive meat cravings to provide essential nutrients that support vitality and maintain overall health and wellness.


Naturawls takes great pride in offering products you can trust. They use only Canadian meat that is sourced as locally as possible. Treats and dinners are prepared in their facility in Southwestern Ontario.

Wild Bites


Whether you’re looking for a small bite-sized nutritious treat or a big mouthful of a treat, our extensive product line can satisfy your dogs’ cravings. We provide small, tender bite-sized packaged treats in our  MEAT line, crispy treats in our CHIPS line and larger treats with our BULK STICKS line.

Polka Dog Bakery


What They Believe. At Polkadog they’re all about doing things the right way. That means making their handmade treats from scratch every day in their South Boston kitchen. That means using locally sourced ingredients from their network of neighbourhood suppliers. That means not cutting corners and not outsourcing anything, ever. Freshness. Quality ingredients.



Perfect for all dogs – including diet sensitive ones, ACANA Singles Dog Treats are Limited Ingredient, Biologically Appropriate™ and totally delicious. Featuring a single animal protein, these delicious and nourishing treats are formula-matched to ACANA Singles Dry Foods, and include the very same fresh local meats, poultry and fish.