Raw Food Diet for Your Pet


Everyone wants to know what the best food to feed their dog or cat is and the answer for many is a biologically appropriate raw food diet. We are taught that raw food contains harmful bacteria, but what we need to remember is that a dog and cat's digestive system is built to handle this bacterium. Dogs and cats are natural hunters and they have a very short intestinal tract that is equipped to digest and consume raw food.


Simply put, raw diets provide nutrition the way nature intended. When given the choice, dogs and cats prefer to eat like carnivores. When you feed your pets a biologically appropriate raw diet, they undoubtedly thrive.


So What is a Raw Diet?

A raw diet is an uncooked, meat-based frozen pet food. Raw diets are formulated by pet nutritionalists so they are balanced and mimic your dog or cat’s ancestral/prey diet. Raw diet is rich in meat, free of unnecessary cereal grains, fillers, by-products and synthetic vitamins and minerals.


Why Feed a Raw Diet?

A fresh meat diet produces the best results of health and wellness, because it provides your pet with essential nutrients in their most natural form. Cooking food, especially at very high temperatures like kibble, causes proteins to denature, causing them to become distorted or damaged, which essentially alters their biochemical identity. Alternatively, raw diets provide nutrition in the purest form possible - the proteins, vitamins and minerals are more intact and more bio-available. That means these vital nutrients are fully available for your pet to utilize and benefit from. Eating unprocessed and natural foods leads to a healthier and happier life - with more energy and an overall higher quality of life. 


Benefits of Feeding Raw

  • Relief from food allergy/intolerance symptoms

  • Weight management

  • Healthier skin and coat

  • Smaller, firmer stools

  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath

  • Increased appetite

  • Increased energy and vitality


Here are a variety of articles written by various pet industry experts and vetrinarians on the topic. Check back regularly for updates and additional information.