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Explore Our Shelves -  Raw Cat Food 

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Best Sellers

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A complete meal for cats and kittens! Each meal is a blend of lean muscle meats, finely ground bone, organ meats, and greens. Each Fare Game meal contains two or three proteins. They are complete and balanced meals to NRC standards for cats, and are the go-to choice for most customers.

Big Country Raw Fare Game
Northwest Raw Cat Nibbles

Naturally nutritious, convenient and easy to feed.  Complete and balanced diets that are the perfect size nibbles for cats. These recipes are very simple, using muscle meat, organ meats and natural raw ground bone, all from the same species. No added fruits or vegetables.

Bold by Nature for Cats

These signature cat recipes are formulated with wholesome ground meat, ground bone and organ meats, with no fruits or veggies. This cat line offers cats a gluten free, sugar free and carbohydrate free diet.

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