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We know grapes are a no-no for our fur babies, but how about giving them a challenging treat that will bamboozle their senses? Our grape-shaped snuffle mat is the perfect way to give your dog the extra challenge of sniffing and hunting, without actually feeding them grapes! It's easy to use and will surely bring a smile to your pup's face! 🍇🐶❤️

Forbidden Grapes Snuffle Mat

SKU: 728990418994
C$89.99 Regular Price
C$67.49Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
  • Designed in Canada

    Size: 29 in x 20 in | 73 cm x 56 cm

    Material: Fleece and Felt

    Detachable Parts: None


    • High quality and thick felt
    • The ultimate bamboozler snuffle mat with 15 grapes 5 in long and 4 inches wide
    • Large suction cup to keep the snuffle mat in place during snuffling
    • Easy flaps to enable and enhance the challenge of hunting via snuffling
    • 4 types of puzzles for enhanced complexity
    • Loops for easy storage, drying and display
    • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, tires your pet
    • Acts as a slow feeder too
    • Machine washable / Hand Washable
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