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Coachi Tuggi Hide is a durable and interactive toy for dogs, designed for tug-of-war play and chewing. Made with high-quality materials, this toy promotes dental health and provides hours of entertainment for your furry friend.


The Company Of Animals Coachi Tuggi Hide is perfect for a game of tug, or tossing around outside. It can also be used to encourage recall and interrupt play biting or chewing. The strong neoprene and bungee handle make playtime more comfortable for both you and your dog.


It also features a soft tactile outer with a hidden pocket in which treats or kibble can be hidden to encourage play and vary the reward.


  • Tug toy for dogs
  • Ideal for tug-and-chase play
  • Interrupts play biting & chewing
  • Strong bungee & soft neoprene handle
  • Soft tactile outer with hidden pocket


Ideal for dogs who require more motivation to play.

Available in one size only.

Coachi Tuggi Hide


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