New Kitten Checklist


Healthy Food


This is probably the most important decision you will make for your new kitten! Whether you choose raw, kibble, canned, or a variety of them all, ensure that you find a good kitten food that has meat as the first ingredient and does not contain inferior ingredients such as by-products, corn, wheat & soy. 


Essential Fatty Acid Oil


When accompanied with a healthy diet, a daily multi-vitamin can be beneficial to help prevent disease and increase life span. Essential Fatty Acids are great for maintaining skin and coat health too! Salmon or Pollock Oil would be a great choice.


Brush & Nail Clippers


Be sure to introduce brushing and nail clipping into your kitten's routine as soon as possible. This way, kitten will accept that grooming is a part of life!


Collar, Harness & Leash


A nylon collar with a bell is a good choice for a kitten. If kitty is going to be allowed outside, be sure to get a “safety break-away” collar. 


Kitten Shampoo


Be sure to find a brand that is hypoallergenic and will not affect the kitten's natural PH balance. 


Catnip Toys


Organic catnip toys/treats are a great way to entice your kitten to play and be silly.


Ear Cleanser or Wipes


An ear cleaner with natural antibacterial properties is ideal for ear health. 


Dental Hygiene Products

It is important to take the time and brush kitten's teeth with a toothbrush and “kitten-safe” toothpaste, however, there are several natural alternatives such as gels and foams that will help combat plaque and tartar buildup. Start proper dental hygiene early! This will be a blessing later on in life when yoru kitten has to get teeth removed at the expensive vet due to poor teeth and gums.


Treat Dispensing/Interactive Toys


Try a cat wand to entice your kitten to chase you. 


Natural Stain Remover


Make sure to have a good cleaner on hand when your kitty has an “accident”.  Natural stain removers will help to remove all the smell so the kitten is less likely to return to that spot to “go”. 


Chew Deterrent


Chew deterrent spray tastes bad and can be used on many inappropriate chewing surfaces such as furniture, shoes, etc.


Training Treats 

Soft and meaty treats work best for training. 


Comfy Bed


Kittens sleep a lot so a warm place to curl up is very important!


Food & Water Bowls


Stainless steel bowls are easiest to keep clean as they do not harbour the bacteria that many plastic bowls can.


Natural Cat Litter


Be environmentally friendly and try a scoopable, flushable, and biodegradable litter.


Litter Box & Scoop


Some cats are ok with covered boxes, and some cats are not. Choose a scoop made for clumping litters.