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Explore Our Shelves - Freeze Dried Dog Food

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Best Sellers

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Green Juju Freeze Dried Whole Bites

These are infused high quality proteins with vibrantly coloured organic fruits and vegetables to create irresistible freeze dried whole food bites to be fed as high value treats or nutrient dense meal topper. Available in bison, beef, pork, salmon and duck.

Rawbble Freeze Dried Dog Food

Delicious and nutritious, Rawbble Freeze Dried food combines the whole-animal nutrients of raw food with the convenience of kibble. Rawbble is 98% meat, bones and organs to provide your pup with a healthy source of protein and to help give them healthy teeth and gums too. 

Steve's Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food

In order to provide your pets with a naturally healthy diet, Steve's sources clean, whole foods from trusted farms that are committed to the quality of foods they produce. They focus on superfoods such as coconut oil, kelp, and seeds to make each bite rich in micro-nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. 

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