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Explore Our Shelves - Dry Cat Food

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Best Sellers

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Carna4 Whole Food Nuggets

Introducing the first whole-food complete diet for cats. Completely synthetic-free (that means no pre-mix!) because our organic sprouted seed combination provides all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs for excellent health. The cats are loving the taste! Quick-baked for convenient, every-day-easy feeding of natural food for your cat.

Farmina N&D Cat Food

Farmina offers a full range of proteins that are sure to delight even the pickiest of pets. They also offer a therapeutic line (a fantastic alternative to vet prescribed food) for cats that suffer from allergies, digestive problems and weight maintenance.

Orijen Cat Food

Proudly made in Alberta, Canada with premium animal ingredients and recipes balanced with vegetables, fruit, botanicals and nutrients. Orijen offers a delicious variety of recipes and range of options to suit every kitten or adult cat.

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