Dental Supplies

Proden Plaque Off


An internationally patented and clinically tested product, ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal fights tartar and plaque on tooth surfaces and reduces bacterial presence. A 100% all natural product, ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal  is free from artificial colours and preservatives and contains no gluten or sugar.



Bluestem oral care drinking water additive and gel for cats and dogs. Freshens breath, fights plaque & tartar!


Earthbath® shampoos, spritzes and shampoo bars were created with the health of your beloved, furry friend and our fragile environment in mind. They worked with groomers, veterinarians and expert blenders to develop and manufacture the highest quality line of all-natural, bio-degradable pet care products.

Black Sheep Organics


Black Sheep Organics is an environmentally responsible company creating healthy, natural, hand-crafted dog grooming products in Vancouver, British Columbia. They use organic, locally sourced ingredients, they adopted eco-friendly business practices, use minimal and recyclable packaging, and donate a portion of their profits to animal welfare and environmental causes. Their aim is to make available a truly natural and healthy alternative to dog grooming products, create minimal impact on mother earth, and encourage a healthy lifestyle for both people and their dogs.



That feeling of responsibility for another life can be very motivating. It drives us to want the best for our four-legged family members. To make products that you can trust, they've searched high and low for quality ingredients. Their goal is to provide your pets with the best - in a way that fits your lifestyle. 

With this founding principle in mind, they developed their comprehensive and growing line of products. From a wide selection of health products designed for common everyday problems, to pet-safe, therapeutic grade aromatherapy blends, LifeFORCE products contain only the finest all-natural ingredients with zero artificial preservatives or chemicals.