Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter


Worlds Best products clump quick, scoop easy, last long and help eliminate odours. And all the scoopable cat litter products are 100% natural made with corn, safe and available in a variety of sizes.

Catfidence Litter


Catfidence™ is our 100% organic cat litter made from bamboo. Based on the cellular structure of bamboo, Catfidence™ has a natural absorbency and odor control that is superior to other cat litters.

There are no chemicals or additives in our cat litter, which makes for a much safer environment for pets, people and the planet.

Intersand - EcoLife Litter


They understand that protecting the planet and doing their part by using recycled and biodegradable products is important to you. They believe that every action taken contributes to leaving future generations with a healthier planet! Now your cat can do its part with our new ECOLIFE cat litter!

Rufus & Coco

They take the care of your family member seriously. After all, your pet’s health and happiness is our core purpose. They work hard to be worthy of your trust. They set high standards to ensure that you receive reliable expert advice and quality products. They believe in doing what is right for pet owners, their pets and for the environment at large.


Good for you for going natural! Our premium cat litters are inspired by nature and made from 100% reclaimed fiber and provide outstanding performance you, and your cat can count on.