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Best Sellers

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Kin + Kind Kitty Ears

Stinky Ears? Yeast, swelling, mites, oh my! Keep your cats' ears safe and clean. Our water- and alcohol-free solution means you apply and leave in without causing stinky bacteria or irritation.

Proden Plaque Off for Cats

ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder Cat is a tasty formula especially made for the discerning feline. Used daily, this completely natural product made from kelp can significantly complement your cat’s regular oral hygiene.

Wag & Bright Toothbrush

The ultimate softness for your feline friend! This bio degradable toothbrush is made from a 60% wheat straw composite material. It has over 10,000+ silky bristles to provide the deepest cleaning action while yet gentle on your cat's sensitive gums.

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