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Best Sellers

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Messy Cats Interactive Feeding Mat

Let you Messy Cat lap up those healthy purees, soft treats, supplements or food. Simply spread your cat’s favorite soft food over the surface, let them lick it, wash it, and repeat. Prolong their enjoyment by freezing it before serving, or get creative and bake on your own tasty combination.

Be One Breed Slow Feeder

The Intellikatt is an interactive bowl for cats that allows mental awakening and ensures a slower feeding time for your little greedy friend. This stimulating challenge helps to reduce bad behaviors by making him work his dexterity to allow him to eat his kibble. The Intellikatt also helps prevent bloating and indigestion if your cat tends to eat a little too quickly, we know the little gourmands!

Messy Cats Marble Double Feeder

The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to your floors and holds the stainless steel bowl in place for your cat. Contain any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border. The saucer shaped stainless dish is wide with low side to help reduce whisker fatigue and irritation while eating or drinking.

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