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RC Pets Adventure Cat Harness

Not all cats are comfortable chilling indoors. This Adventure Kitty Harness was designed for the fearless felines who accompany their guardians on all types of adventures – from camping, boating to sightseeing and hiking. Specifically designed for the feline form, this harness will keep your cat comfortable on all their outdoor excursions. 

Go get ‘em tiger.

Sweet Pickle Designs Bow Ties

Handcrafted with love in Portland, Oregon. Designer cat collars and accessories created with a vision that all cats + dogs deserve to share their sense of style.

Woof Concept Cat Collars

Woof Concepts' very first cat line was brought to you so that your feline companions do not need to be left out from stylish gear. Featuring a breakaway buckle and large jingle bell, these collars are not only eye-catching, but they're functional as well.