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Best Sellers

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RC Pets Adventure Cat Harness

Not all cats are comfortable chilling indoors. This Adventure Kitty Harness was designed for the fearless felines who accompany their guardians on all types of adventures – from camping, boating to sightseeing and hiking. Specifically designed for the feline form, this harness will keep your cat comfortable on all their outdoor excursions. 

Go get ‘em tiger.

Sweet Pickle Designs Bow Ties

Handcrafted with love in Portland, Oregon. Designer cat collars and accessories created with a vision that all cats + dogs deserve to share their sense of style.

Zoo Snoods

Traditionally, a "snood" is a wide ring of knitted material worn as an ornamental hood or a scarf for women. A "Zoo Snood" is an animal-themed knit hood for dogs (and cats, if you can get them to wear it). Zoo Snoods will keep your pet warm on those cold and wet days, and their ears protected from mud and moisture. But most importantly, Zoo Snoods will make your pet look more adorable than ever, inspire laughter, cause smiles, and bring about even greater feelings of love and affection!

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