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Explore Our Shelves - Bathtime

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Best Sellers

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The Bailey Brush

Purrfect for every cat. The Bailey Brush was designed to be superior at collecting hair while safely and comfortably massaging cats of all fur types.

Pure Tearless Cat Shampoo

This unscented Tearless Cat Shampoo is perfect for cats and kittens who are ready to take the plunge. This very gentle formula is safe for cats/kittens 6 weeks and older. Paraben and sulphate free.

Cordaba Farms Goat Milk Bar

We know bathtime can be scary, but our goat milk bar with limited ingredients and no scent is purrfectly safe for cats. It’s rich, creamy lather will gently clean while nourishing and protecting cats delicate skin and softening their coat. We think it’s the cat’s meow!

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