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RC Pets Cooling Bandana

Chill out! This handy bandana helps cool down your canine. Simply soak the bandana and wring out the excess water. The lightweight cooling mesh fabric keeps your pet cool without unnecessary added weight. Also available in full size vests!

RC Pets Packable Rain Poncho

No one likes unexpected showers. Make rainy day walks easy and enjoyable with our bright and cheerful Packable Rain Poncho. This super compact raincoat features waterproof fabric and folds into a convenient carrying pouch that can be clipped to a leash or tucked in a pocket - so you can be prepared right from the first raindrop!

Canada Pooch Tee

Soft, lightweight, and cute dog t-shirts with playful prints. Light weight cotton blended fabric so your pup can comfortably wear all day. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns.