The Mission


Our mission is to educate pet parents why proper nutrition is key to a healthy, happy pet and provide them with a healthy alternative to commercial/prescription pet food. 


The Story


For 10 years now, CHOW Bella has built a reputation for only carrying the "Best of the Best" for your pets all while providing exceptional customer service to their owners. Each and every product has been carefully researched and selected to ensure it meets the highest quality standard. No need to read the labels in our store: if we wouldn’t feed it to our own dogs, Leo & Blitz, or our cat, Howie, we wouldn’t put it on our shelves. It’s as simple as that.


At CHOW Bella, we do not see the trend in healthy, natural pet food as a marketing gimmick. We know that what we feed our furry friends is the single most important thing we can do for their health. That’s why we only carry pet food and treats that are biologically appropriate for your pets, and not full of fillers and by-products.


Remember, we only carry pet supplies and pet food with the utmost commitment to the health and wellness of your 4-legged companions. That makes us a pet food store trying to make a real difference.

The Inspiration 


Bella, our 4 year old German Pinscher that we sadly lost in January 2011, is the inspiration behind CHOW Bella Pet Health Store. Everyday she showed us to live life in the moment and to its fullest. She filled our home with more fun, more laughs, and more love each and every day. She was taken away from us too soon but she will never be forgotten. She holds a very special place in our heart and drives our passion for pet health and happiness.